It's almost the end of the school year, so that means Pop Tab collection!  Kids4Kids students will be collecting and weighing Pop Tabs on Friday during RISE.  The RISE classroom with the largest weight will win a snack party the following week.


Allergy Awareness Week - A food allergy is a medical condition where exposure to a food triggers a harmful immune response that attacks proteins in the food that are normally harmless.  This immune response is an allergic reaction.  The symptoms of an allergic reaction to food can range from mild (itchy mouth, a few hives) to severe (throat tightening, difficulty breathing).  Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is sudden in onset and can cause death.


Good morning 8th graders!!  The 8th grade dance is THIS SATURDAY from 6-9.  Please remember to buy your tickets ahead of time.  Tickets are $25 and will be sold in the cafeteria during lunch Wednesday and Thursday.  Don't miss out!!


Congratulations to NEAL PANNALA of our Speech and Debate team.  Neal advanced to the Final Round of Congressional Debate at the Middle School Tournament of Champions tournament on Saturday and Sunday at the University of Kentucky.  Neal was one of five RMS competitors who debated at this major national circuit tournament.  Also competing were ANISH CHANDRAN, PHILIP LIU, TYLER MUEHLFELD and CC MESSNER.  Many of these students will also represent Revere next month at the National Speech and Debate Associations National Tournament in Dallas.


Congratulations on the following students who have earned the title of Artist of the Week for their grade.  These students consistently display respect, responsibility, and excellent effort in the art room.  Your hard work is recognized and appreciated!

6th grade - Kayla Amick

7th grade - Lucas Timpone

8th grade - Maddie Cordray


May 13-May 16 - 8th Grade Exit Interviews


May 14 - Grades 7-8 Band Concert - RHS - 7:00pm


May 17 - Kids4Kids club meeting in the cafeteria during RISE


May 18 - 8th Grade Dance - RMS - 6:00-9:00pm