May 16, 2022

Good morning Revere, today is Monday, May 17th, and these are your daily 



Congratulations to Merit Wagstaff, Akshay Elango and Sam Lazbin for advancing to the OHSAA Division 1 District tennis tournament!

Merit Wagstaff qualified in singles, Akshay Elango and Sam Lazbin qualified in doubles. The OHSAA Division 1 District tennis tournament begins on Thursday.

The team travels to play Jackson today, at 5:00 in the quarter finals of the OTCA tennis tournament!

Go MInutemen!


Class Council Officer applications were emailed to your school Gmail account this week from your class advisor. Please complete and submit the electronic form by Tuesday, May 17 if you are interested in running for a class president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer.


Anyone interested in participating in RHS Cheerleading Tryouts should pick up a Tryout packet. The Try out packet is available in the Athletic office for pick up. Tryouts will be held from May 31st-June 3, 2022.


Thanks for listening today, Revere, and have a Monday and as always, Stay Goofy.