October 21, 2020

Good afternoon Revere today is Wednesday October 21st and here are your daily announcements.


The Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society will meet after school Thursday to talk about Number Theory.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We'll meet in the math hallway until 3:45 pm. (21, 22)


Junior Statesmen of America will hold a meeting this Wednesday, October 21st, after school in Mr. Fry's room, room C110.  Bring a friend, learn more about JSA, and discuss current events!  All are welcome! (20, 21)


All 9th graders are invited to join Freshman Class Council. The first meeting will take place on Thursday, October 22, at 7:15 a.m. in the Library Media Center. (20,21)


Thanks for watching Revere have a wonderful Wednesday!