Any AP Government test taker please return your review book to Mr. Milczewksi in room 218 ASAP!!!


This week is Allergy Awareness Week. A food allergy is a medical condition where exposure to a food triggers a harmful immune response that attacks proteins in the food that are normally harmless.  This immune response is an allergic reaction. The symptoms of an allergic reaction to food can range from mild (itchy mouth, a few hives) to severe (throat tightening, difficulty breathing). Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is sudden in onset and can cause death.


Kids4Kids will have our last meeting of the year on Wednesday after-school in 214.  We will hold elections and start planning for the 2020 calendar.


Come support Project Planet's Chipotle Fundraiser on Tuesday from 4-8.  Bring your friends.


All girls interested in cross country need to meet after school in Mrs. Fagnilli's room, #200 on Tuesday May 21.  The meeting will last only 15 minutes!


Today’s lunch menu features chicken or beef tacos with fiesta black beans.


Today’s forecast calls for a slight chance of rain with a high of 62 degrees and a low of 47 degrees.