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Curious about Middle School (Q & A)

Curious About Middle School

1) How are 6th grade teachers selected?

There are two teams of core academic teachers (reading, language arts, science, math, social studies). Students are assigned via computer to one of these teams. A schedule is then created by the computer for each student. There are several level math within each team. A child is placed in the appropriate class level based on test scores including the fourth grade OAA, classroom tests, Cogats, Iowa tests, etc. The core team of teachers regularly communicates with each other about their students and any issues they may see. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have questions about their child's placement.

2) What are specials and Exploratory courses?

Currently, 6th grade students rotate through 5 exploratory courses (health, tech ed, computer science, art, and family and consumer sciences). They spend 7 weeks in each of these subject areas. Students also attend either gym and music every other day. If the May levy does not pass, most of the exploratory classes will be eliminated.

3) How is intervention handled at the Middle School?

Every student has a period (currently at end of the day) called RISE. For some students, this period functions as a study hall, and is an opportunity for students to get a start on their homework. For other students who may need additional assistance, they may go meet with any of their teachers to get the extra help needed. Students/parents can seek out this help, or the teacher may suggest the student come for help. Teachers encourage open communication with the parents if they think additional assistance is needed.

4) How do parents get information at the Middle School?

There are multiple ways parents can stay informed. The Middle School Matters newsletter is published monthly. Additionally, on the Revere website the daily morning announcements are posted on the web site each morning. This is a great way for parents to stay informed about day to day activities occurring at RMS and things they may want to discuss with their child. Finally, all RMS teachers extensively use Progress Book. Weekly homework assignments for all classes are posted on Progress Book. Teachers are also very timely in adding grades to Progress Book.

5) What is the gifted program at RMS?

Currently students who qualify for gifted services meet during their intervention period for “Gifted Enrichment Opportunities”. This is a program designed to provide regular enrichment opportunities in addition to their core classes.

6) How does lunch and recess work?

Students go to a combination of Lunch/Social Time. Students go to 21 minutes of lunch, then head to the gym for social time for 21 minutes (or vice versa). During social time students can visit with friends, or there are basketballs (or sometimes other gym activities) available for them to burn some energy. Children attend lunch and social time with their team.

7) When do students find out their schedule?

Schedules are handed out at the Parent/Student orientation a week or two before school starts. Families are encouraged to walk through the schedule with their child and help them get comfortable with the building. There are currently nine, 42 minutes periods in the school day. Locker assignments and combinations are also given at this time so kids can practice.

8) Are there school based athletics in 6th grade?

No, middle school athletics begin in the 7th grade (per the Ohio High School Athletic Association).

9) I've heard the lockers are small……?

Yes, the lockers are extremely narrow. Most lockers have shelving systems in them that have been built by prior parents to help the students organize their supplies. If your child is assigned a locker that does not have shelves, there are specs( exact sizes, and instructions) available to assist you in making shelves for your student available on the web site.

10) What school supplies does my child need?

A complete school supply list will be provided. Both teams operate using a binder approach. A binder for each subject is requested. Students put all their papers (handouts, homework, graded papers etc.) in the binder. When students change classes and stop at their lockers they just need to grab the appropriate binder and book that they need for their next class. It is highly recommended that you buy coordinating colored book covers and binders (i.e. Red binder for Social Studies, Red book cover on the Social Studies book)…helps to keep them organized and make locker stops quicker. Be careful to purchase the binder size requested on the supply list and avoid binders that are wider than normal as these will prevent the locker door from closing.

11) Gym/Music

Students have gym and a music course (band, choir, or general music) on an even/odd alternating basis. A gym “uniform” in required and students MUST change out of their regular clothes. Specific uniform requirements will be sent home to parents by the gym teachers.

Our 5th grade music staff will help make recommendations for which music offering would be best for each student. If a child did not participate in 5th grade band, they may consider participating in 6th grade band. However, it is suggested that a discussion is had with the teacher and perhaps private music lessons are taken to get the child up to speed.

12) Do 6th graders interact with the 7th, 8th graders?

For the most part, 6th graders do not interact much with the older students. The core academic courses for the 6th graders are located in one area of the building. 6th graders do ride the bus with the older students (including high school students), and may pass older students in the hallways on the way to specials. 6th graders have their own entrance and exit to the building. Currently, 6th graders only each lunch with other 6th graders.

13) What extra-curricular activities are available to students?

In addition to social/service/character building groups (i.e. Student Council, Rachel's Challenge Club, PANDA), this year, there were extra-curricular activities offered in almost every subject area such as Math Counts, Power of the Pen, and Science Olympiad. Most of the academic competition teams begin in grade seven.

14) Does the 5th grade visit RMS?

Yes, 5th grade students go for a tour of RMS every May.