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Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


Student Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Parent Drop off: Cars will enter the main entrance of Bath School for parent drop off. This will be the only entrance for cars. Cars should not drop off students in the bus loop. Drop off time begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 8:25 AM. If traffic is backed up, please pull into an open parking space to alleviate a traffic jam on the street. If necessary, parents should park in the open spaces and walk their child to the main entrance.

Bus Drop off: Buses will arrive at the bus loop between 8:00-8:25 and children will enter by the Music Room doors.


Parent Pick Up: Because of the large number of parents who are picking up students at the end of the day, we will have staggered parent pick up times for all children based upon their last names. We will use this chart as a reference for times and locations for pick up.


3:00 A-D (Bus Loop-Last Name on Sign in window)

3:02 BusDismissalWillBegin


E-K (Park your car) L-Z(Park your car)

At 3:00, students with a last name beginning with A-D will be dismissed to the bus loop entrance of the building. Parents are asked to pull into the bus loop side of the building, stopping by the trash dumpsters. Cars will line up behind each other in the bus loop.

The A-D parents will need to have a sign in their passenger window with their last name to help us quickly match cars with students. Students will wait under the canopy until they see their parent’s car. The students will then move along the sidewalk to get into the car. We have limited parking spaces in the bus loop, so cars will need to line up and wait for students. The goal is to have our A-D students all picked up prior to our buses starting to arrive.

All of the remaining students with last names between E-Z will be picked up on the sidewalk at the front entrance of the building. Parents will need to park their cars in the lot and walk up to get their children from the sidewalk.

At 3:00, students with a last name beginning with E-K will be dismissed. At 3:02, students with a last name beginning with L-Z will be dismissed.

Because our parking spaces are limited, we will need parents to pick up their children and exit quickly so that the next wave of parents are able to park their cars. Thank you in advance for helping to make our dismissal process as smooth and efficient as possible.