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Homework Committee Guidelines Released


Revere Local School District

3496 Everett Road

PO Box 340

Bath, Ohio 44210


Matthew L. Montgomery, Superintendent

Jennifer Reece, Communications Specialist


Revere Homework Committee Results Released

Committee Examined Homework Districtwide

and Provided Guidelines for Each Building

(September 4, 2018) – A team of 25 educators who spent nearly 18 months examining homework usage throughout the Revere Local School District has provided a set of guidelines for moving forward.


The committee looked at the amount of homework being assigned throughout the district and the impact it had on student growth and learning.


“Homework can be an electrifying topic,” said Superintendent Matthew Montgomery. “There are people who feel their child receives too much or too little homework, and often it doesn’t depend only on the grade level, but the specific teacher associated with a particular subject.  We charged this committee with providing homework guidelines to promote consistency across the district. I want to thank the committee for its guidance.”


The committee developed guidelines for each of Revere’s four school buildings, and defined the purpose of the homework given; how homework figured into the overall grade a student received; and how much nightly homework time should be assigned at each grade level.


Revere teachers are to follow the homework guidelines for the 2018-19 school year.  The study results will be reviewed by staff on an annual basis.



Homework Guidelines-Middle School

Homework Guidelines-Bath Elementary

Homework Guidelines-High School

Homework Guidelines-Richfield Elementary