• Beginning Band Winter Concert

    Thursday, February 28th, 2019

    7:00 PM


    Rehearsal Schedule:  

    Monday, February 25             No Lessons for trombone or bells

    Tuesday, February 26             Full Band in the Multipurpose Room 7:45-8:30 AM, Please be there.

    Wednesday, February 27        Full Band in the Multipurpose Room 7:45-8:30 AM, Please be there.

    Thursday, February 28            Full Band in the Multipurpose Room 7:45-8:30 AM, Please be there.



    Thursday, February 28            Meet at Revere High School Auditorium 6:40 PM

                                                Dress is White Tops, Black Bottoms and Dress Shoes

                                                Gentlemen can wear a tie, Ladies can wear black skirts

    Friday, March 1                       No Lessons for the Clarinets, Alto Saxes or Trumpets


    Lesson Schedule the following week:

    Tuesday, March 5- Friday, March 8    No Band lessons for the week, the high school marching band and the directors will be at Disney World performing in the Main Street Parade.

    During your week off, please play exercises on pages 14 and 15 for the following weeks lessons.

    (Snare Drummers start at the beginning of the book and see what you can play through on your own)


    All Lessons begin again on March 11th(Bells start bringing your snare drum)

    If you would like pre-sale dinner tickets, print the following form and send it to school
    Informations for the 2nd email.
    1. Frustrations for your child
    We are to the point where your child might be getting frustrated. Have them relax, and just play whenever they can at home.  They just need to put the instrument on their face as much as they have time for. This is something different for them and they want instant success, it will come, just not at a fast rate. 
    2. Google Classroom videos  (Class code 3n7qpg for Bath Beginning Band)
    I would like students make a short video of them playing (14) Rolling Along, (16) Half Counts and (17) Hot Cross Buns. Because the classes are so large I would like to hear and see them individually and make comments on them individually.  They can use the comments to improve or I can comment on what they are doing right. I would like to have them by Nov 1st. 
    3. We started collecting practice records, keep up the good work...


    If you have questions as the year progesses, please do not hesitate to email me: dlebeau@revereschools.org.


    2018-19 Beginning Band Update 10/5/18


    1. Communications: (options to find information about band and activities)


    RevereLocalSchools.org: select Bath School, select Parent and Student, find 5th Grade Band upper left corner.

    Remind App: text @bathbeg to 81010.  I will be able to send you a text with important information concerning the band as needed. I will not be given your cell number or be able to text you directly.

    Google Classroom: Class code 3n7qpg for Bath Beginning Band. Student’s will be submitting videos and recordings of their practice songs throughout the year.

    Email listserve: I sent out an email (Oct. 4th) from the addresses submitted on the registration form. If you didn’t not receive one, please let me know. I know I have a few people missing.  Please send me your email to: dlebeau@revereschools.org.


    1. First Band Concert: Tuesday Oct 30th, 7:00, Revere High School Gymnasium


    This concert is connected to the RMPA Soup Supper.  Information for both the supper and concert will be coming in the following weeks.  Just put in on the calendar for now.


    1. Practice Records: We have had some really great lessons so far, but now it is time to start documenting your child’s practice habits. On the front cover of the book, please write in the number of minutes each time they practice, total it and initial it the night prior to the lesson they have between Tuesday and Thursday.  Try to just put on one line and rap around.










    Total               Initials









    70                    D. L.









    60                    D. L.


    *Turn times at lessons on one of these days.

     Tuesday-Clarinets, Alto Saxes, Flute

    Wednesdays-Bells, Trumpets, and Thursday-Trombones/Baritone


    1. Video Recording Assignments: We will have recording assignments every 3 or 4 weeks. I will post them on Remind, through Email and in Class. In lessons, we are working on learning notes, counting and producing a sound, so practice times are crucial. To hear how each individual is learning, I would like them to upload to the google classroom (Beginning Band Page) a video recording of a few assigned songs. The first assignment will be: 16. The Half Counts and 18. Go Tell Aunt Rhodie and maybe 23. March Steps.  I would like a video so I can see their posture, if they are puffing cheeks, their fingers and so forth. I can then give feedback.  During the week of October 22-26 the would submit these three songs. If played consecutively it should be about a 1:30 minutes of music with repeats as written.


Last Modified on February 15, 2019