National Honor Society Information
    Revere Chapter
    Selection Criteria and Policies for National Honor Society Membership

    Membership in the Revere Chapter of the National Honor Society is a privilege. This privilege is given to students by invitation from the professional staff. Decisions regarding membership are made by the NHS Faculty Council. Students will be evaluated annually in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Below are the standards through which these traits are evaluated.

    I. Scholarship will be determined by grade point average. The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.60 or above after the first trimester of his/her junior year. Freshmen and sophomores are ineligible for membership. Juniors and seniors who meet these criteria are issued invitations to submit Student Activity Information Forms for membership in a timely manner.

    Students who submit the Information Forms will be initially screened for membership based on the accumulation of points per the following criteria:

    GPA (No Rounding Up)
    Points Needed
    3.90 or higher
    3.80 - 3.89 
    3.70 - 3.79
    3.60 – 3.69

    In order to promote school service and spirit at least one point must be earned through co-curricular activities. Eligible activities are to be listed, with points to be awarded. Additionally, for any student needing 2 or more points, a total of one point may be earned by the successful completion of honors (not AP) courses. Points for honors courses (when appropriate) will be awarded at the rate of 1/8 point per trimester completed.

    Once the student has met his/her required points, the traits of leadership, character and service will be evaluated.

    II. Leadership will be rated by faculty each autumn. Teachers will rate leadership on a 1-5 scale with 5 being exemplary, 4 being above average, 3 being average, 2 being slightly below average and 1 being below average. Criteria for leadership include: active involvement in class, being resourceful in proposing new solutions, applying principles and making suggestions, exercising influence on peers in upholding school ideals, successfully holding school offices or positions of responsibility, and in promoting school activities. Scores will be tabulated. For an acceptable valid rating a student must be ranked by at least 5 teachers and must have an average rating of at least 4.0. Students with lower rankings are reviewed by the NHS Selection Committee based on the Information Form that is submitted for membership.

    III. Character will be addressed by the faculty and administration each autumn. Teachers must have personal knowledge of a student's character and may not base their evaluation on hearsay or rumor. Any teacher or administrator with knowledge of unsatisfactory behavior may be sufficient to deny a student membership. Teachers will be encouraged, though not required, to report character violations in writing or through an office referral, especially those involving cheating and/or flagrant plagiarism. In addition, students who have committed a flagrant violation of school rules, Code of Conduct for Co-Curricular Activities, or a civil offense may not be considered for membership. Flagrant violations include, but are not limited to:

    Any alcohol-related offense
    Any drug-related offense
    Plagiarism (Direct copying of another author's material, persistent omission of citations)
    Forgery of signatures, falsified information
    Out-of-school suspendable offenses
    IV. Service will consist of at least 20 verifiable service hours for membership consideration.

    Students will submit the NHS Revere Chapter Information Form by the required deadline for membership consideration. Compensation is not permitted for any service hours.

    Eligible students are tapped for the Informal Induction Ceremony that occurs in December. A Formal Induction with family and friends is held in the Spring.

    Students who are not selected for membership receive a regrets letter. Since membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege and not a right, reasons for nonselection are not disclosed. This policy is in accordance with the national guidelines.

    Once inducted an NHS member basically has 4 expectations.

    1 – To maintain a GPA of 3.6 or higher
    2 – To provide service to the school and community (2 hours to the school and 5 hours to the community per trimester)
    3 – To maintain good character both within and outside of the school setting
    4 – To attend the monthly meetings