Name: Mrs. Sandie Fox
    Email Address: sfox@revere.k12.oh.us
    Phone number: ext. 3317

      I graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Majoring in Crafts (metals, fibers & ceramics) with a minor in Ceramics. I have been teaching art at Revere since 1997. I am lucky to teach in the areas that I love. It's very rewarding introducing students to the endless possibilities of clay & metals, skills they can enjoy their entire lives.
      In Ceramics, the students will learn all the hand building methods: coiling, slab forming, free forming & glazing. They will also have the opportunity to work on the potters wheel.
      In Multi-Media, they work with clay, metals (learning to cold-join), fibers and an introduction to calligraphy.
      I also teach Elements of Art. This is Revere's beginning art class and must be completed before taking any other art class. In Elements we learn the elements of Design: line, shape, size, value, texture and color, and how to incorporate them into our artwork. We practice using proper art terms, improve our drawing skills, experiment with creativity and use a wide variety of materials. 
    Mrs. Fox by Chris Lee.
            Painting by former student Chris Lee
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