Welcome to Yearbook!

  • How to Order a Yearbook 

    The best and easiest way to order a book is to visit yearbookordercenter.com and enter our code 3348 or search for Revere.  If you'd rather pay by check, please have your student pick up a form or download from the website.  Email the adivsor afagnilli@revereschools.org if you have any issues.

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  • Senior Pictures

    Senior Formal Pictures

    are taken by our partners at Prestige Photographic.  Each fall, Revere hosts two senior pictures days at RHS.  This photo session is free and the picture will be automatically submitted to yearbook.  

    If you miss the RHS session, you must schedule a studio photoshoot with Prestige.  Call 800-589-6411 or call the Bruswick studio at (330) 225-7666.  This photo session is also free but MUST be completed by February 20.

    Senior Informal Pictures

    are collected via email to advisor Amy Fagnilli at afagnilli@revereschools.org

    Pictures must be a high resolution jpg file

    Pictures can be from any studio or can be personally taken.  The most important idea is to represent WHO YOU ARE!

    We accept senior informals from March 1 until April 15.

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Amy Fagnilli

Welcome to our Yearbook page.  Yearbook is one of my passions that stretches all the way back to my time on my high school yearbook staff and the years I spent working as an editor at my college newspaper at Akron U.  I've been Revere's Yearbook advisor since 2007 and during every one of those years, my goal has been to make the Yearbook BETTER!  We are never perfect, but we try to be our best.  Note:  I'd appreciate if you can contemplate the fact that a high school yearbook will never be perfect - I'm one person, given limited time and resources - working with high school students. We do the best we can, but there will be mistakes. We are after all, human beings - with feelings - btw.