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  • Superintendent’s Message:

    August 2, 2021


    WELCOME BACK!  Yes indeed, welcome back.


    I am sure the summer has been filled with plenty of recreational activities, vacations, family-focused events, and terrific Ohio weather.


    Here in the Revere Local School District, we are incredibly excited and eager to begin this new school year.  School begins at the end of the month (Monday, August 30, 2021).  However, our schools are already energized and full of student activity.  


    We have enjoyed analyzing our FY21 student achievement data as there is much to celebrate! Our Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) results are benchmarking well and we are eager to share these points of celebration. There are also fabulous opportunities for improvement and we will lean into the newly developed and approved Strategic Plan to guide our improvement efforts.  The Strategic Plan and Vision of a Minuteman both focus heavily on the student experience. Deep learning and higher-order thinking will be a priority as will be the social-emotional learning (SEL) of our students.


    Here is to the start of an extremely exciting and celebratory new school year.  If we can be of any assistance, please, send a message to or telephone us at (330) 659-6111 and we will work diligently to respond efficiently and effectively.


    Revere pride - Catch It!


    Michael Tefs, Ed.D.






    Dr. Tefs

    Michael Tefs, Ed.D.



    Brenda Moll

    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

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