Blackboard Connect Update

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  This form will allow you to update the Blackboard Connect numbers for all of your children. You are able to submit three numbers to our system. Any numbers listed in our Alert Now system currently will be cleared and replaced with the numbers on this form.

*Results will be processed on school days and will take up to 24 hours after being submitted.

To replay a sent message, dial 1-855-4REPLAY(737529). It's important to note that you must call from the number that was dialed in order to hear the message played back.
Student 1    
Student 2    
Student 3    
Student 4    
Student 5    
Student 6    
This number will be called for general school related information. In the event of an emergency call, this number will also be called.
This number will be called when the sender determines the call to be a high priority.


Only messages pertaining to emergencies, updates, and other District communications such as principal announcements and other important information will be sent.
Up to two e-mail addresses can be accepted.
  If you are having trouble with this form and would like to speak to our Registrar directly, please call 330-523-3138.
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