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For families who are new to the district or if you are an established student who is moving within the district, please complete Final Forms with all necessary student information. Completion of forms is also necessary for students attending daycare centers before and/or after school and for private school students.

Once Transportation forms are completed, they are automatically directed to our office and may take up to 48 hours to process. 

Upon receipt of transportation needs, we will assign your student a bus letter. Please check Final Forms in 48 hours for your student's bus letter, then go to the transportation tab and look under routes to find your pickup and drop off times. 

First and foremost, it is our goal to provide each student with safe transportation to and from school while at the same time working within the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio. 

Transportation guidelines can be found at the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce website. With these guidelines in mind, we will assign students to the closest, most safe bus stop to their home. 

Although it would be ideal to have door to door pick up for each student , driver shortage strictly defined timelines make that an impossible reality.  

Board approved bus routes are posted on the Revere website at the beginning of each school year. At other times, please contact the Transportation Office for route information.

Hours for the Transportation Office are Monday through Friday from 6:00am until 4:45pm. 
*All calls will be returned in a timely manner. Should you need to stop by the Bus Garage, it is located at 3622 Everett Road Richfield, Ohio 44286. 

AJ Neitenbach
Alaynah Carney
Asst. Supervisor