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2022 1:1 Device Review

In the spring of 2018, Revere began a student 1:1 program in which every student was assigned an iPad to assist in their learning. While the details of this program changed with (and after) the pandemic, all Revere students continue to have access to iPads to facilitate learning.


Now that we are in the fifth year of the 1:1 program, it is time to examine our use of these devices to ensure that students have access to the most appropriate technology resources to support learning. In October, 2022, a survey was conducted to ask parents, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 about their experience with the 1:1 program. The 1:1 survey is a first step in examining our student technology program to make sure it's meeting our students' needs.  


The results of that survey are summarized in this presentation.

Responses indicate that the 1:1 program helps teachers meet the diverse needs of learners. It also engages students by giving them the resources needed to collaborate on projects that demonstrate learning in new ways. At the same time, our school community realizes that technology is not a panacea, and overuse among students is a genuine concern. We'll be working with our teachers over the next several months to find a balance that leverages technology for learning without overdependence on it.