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Math Pathways

Math Pathways - Ensuring Success

Comprehensive readiness is essential to academic achievement and is especially important when considering placement in an above-grade-level math class. The district relies on research-based guidance to determine, with some certainty, if a student will be able to maintain high levels of math achievement in an above grade-level setting and consistently demonstrate adequate academic growth on benchmark assessments following placement. 


Multiple Opportunities to Advance Academically - Jumping Pathways

Recognizing that students may develop the content knowledge, academic skills, behaviors, and learning strategies necessary for above-grade-level math instruction at different times, the district screens all students and evaluates potential candidates for above-grade-level math placement each year through the process known as “Jumping Pathways”. 





Evaluation Process Middle School 

Evaluation Process Bath Elementary School 

The linked Math Placement Rubrics serve as the screening instrument for the district’s above-grade-level math placement evaluation process. The rubrics were developed to capture the performance data and indicators successful accelerated math candidates typically achieve.


The linked scenarios describe the district’s accelerated math placement process and highlight the skills, behaviors and attributes students must possess to be placed in an above-grade-level math class. 

Math Pathway FAQs