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School Illness Information


Steps you can take before your child enters school to prevent illness and make life easier when illness occurs


Share Important Information with the School
Complete the medical emergency form required by the state. This form asks for the following phone numbers:
  • Where child's parent(s) can be reached during the day.
  • Your family physician and hospital of your choice.
  • Two people to contact in an emergency in case you cannot be reached. (This could be the person you have selected as alternative caregiver; a relative, neighbor, friend or other dependable adult),
Provide the school with any special information it should have about your child's medical history.
For example:
  • Has your child had any serious illnesses?
  • Is your child taking any medications?
  • Does your child have allergies that you know of?
  • Any current medical condition or health concerns?
Call to update when there are changes in:
  • Emergency numbers (i.e., home, work, alternative caregiver)
  • Health status (i.e., medical condition-asthma)
  • Medication (i.e., dose changes)
Make Provisions for Alternative Care When Your Child is Sick
  • Inform your school secretary if your child is EXPOSED to a contagious disease.
  • Keep your child at home if he/she develops SYMPTOMS of disease that may endanger the health of the other children.
  • School clinic facilities do not have accommodations to keep ill children for long periods of time. Sick children must be picked up by parent(s) or alternative caregivers.
Prevention Is the Best Medicine: Encourage . . .
1. HAND WASHING – one of the best ways to prevent communicable disease:
  • Before eating or drinking.
  • After using the toilet.
2. Covering mouth/nose when coughing and sneezing.
3. Eating a balanced diet.
4. Sleeping at least ten hours each night.

It sounds simple, but teachers are often faced with students who are too sick to learn and they in turn affect the well-being of the entire classroom.