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The Revere Local Schools will post District approved flyers to "The Flyer Place."  All current approved flyers will be posted below (most recently posted first).  You may also subscribe above to receive an email notification as new flyers are posted.

If you have a flyer that you would like considered for posting, please email your flyer (PDF format only) to Karen Arbogast, Director of Human Resources and Communications at: Please be sure to include the "start and end" dates for your flyer posting in your email.

Typically, flyers will be posted once a week on Friday mornings during the school year.  Please be sure to submit your flyer within a reasonable amount of time to prevent your event from missing out.  Flyers and Email Alerts for posted flyers will only occur one time (no duplicate postings), therefore, you will want to decide on a posting date that will give you optimal viewing results.  
As always, we are pleased to continue promotion of school/community events per board policy 6.47 (Article III. Expression of Outside Groups, p. 6-7).  Flyer Place allows us to to process District approved flyers in an electronic format, saving paper and time, but still reaching broad audience for these events.
Permission to distribute or display material does not imply approval of its contents by either the administration of the school, the Superintendent, or the Board. 


Current Flyers Available