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The Revere Local School District is committed to keeping the community informed. The Communications Office strives to deliver news and information about the district in a timely manner.


Website:  The district website provides information about all aspects of the school district. This interactive tool provides up-to-date information about what is happening throughout the district.

Social Media:  The communications office maintains Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to connect with parents, the community and alumni. Remember to “Like” us on the Revere Local Facebook page and follow us on Twitter/Instagram using @RevereLocal.

Community Print NewsletterHouseholds within the school district receive a print newsletter, Revere Reporter, featuring student and staff activities, programs available to the public, financial updates and other general news. 


Schedule a Tour: Are you new to the area or looking to change schools? The Revere Local School District is pleased that you are considering us for a tour! We will make sure you get a complete guide through the appropriate building(s) and the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. At the high school level, students can also “shadow” a Revere student for a half day to get a more complete experience. To schedule a tour of either of our elementary schools , Revere Middle School or Revere High School, please contact the Communications Office at 330-523-3114.  

Blackboard Connect:  Blackboard Connect is a high speed phone calling /email service that is used to deliver messages to multiple phone lines simultaneously. This system is used when the district needs to reach parents/guardians to relay information of a timely nature, i.e., school closures, weather related issues and/or general announcements specific to a building, etc. Parents may update their contact information through Final Forms. 
Press Releases, News Tips, Photo Opportunities: The Director of Communications works with local media to provide news items about upcoming events, student and staff news and other key information.
The Flyer Place:  We are pleased to continue the promotion of school and community events per board policy. Flyer Place allows us to process flyer requests in an electronic format, saving paper and time but still reaching a broad audience for these events. 



Sign up for Flyer Place! by Brenda Moll