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Revere Local Schools

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Facility Use

The Revere Local School District believes that the community should be encouraged to make use of the school facilities of this District. Recognizing, of course, that the primary use of these buildings must be for the education of young people, the District will make every attempt, within the statutes of the State of Ohio, to allow use by the community when the buildings are not being used for their major purpose.

The Board may permit the use of District grounds and facilities when such permission has been requested in writing by a responsible organization, or a group of at least seven citizens. The use of District facilities is governed by Board policy 6.39: Community Use of School Facilities.

The Board reserves the right to grant use of school facilities without cost or at a reduced cost to the following:  student organizations, school boosters, education associations, PTA/PTO, and local civic groups. All other organizations or persons shall pay a fee and be responsible for any extra custodial and/or police or security fees. 

No liability shall attach to the District or any of its employees and officers as a consequence of permitting access to these facilities. All groups utilizing school facilities shall be required to carry liability insurance which names the Board, its members and employees as additional insureds, and which meets with the approval of the Board. 

Please refer to the fee schedule below, and use the "Calendar & Scheduling" link to check for availability and request the use of school facilities.