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Revere Local Schools

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Strategic plan Overview

Goal 1: Student Agency

All Revere Minutemen deserve a broad, comprehensive learning experience whereby each can demonstrate a Learner’s Mindset, create solutions, engage with a purpose, and embody confidence, perseverance, and empathy. Minutemen take ownership of learning through critical thinking, team-work and truthful communication.


Goal 2: Innovative Curriculum and Instruction

Learning for doing, applying, and creating is the essence of this work. It shifts the work of the student from a consumer of knowledge to a producer of relevant work. Innovative curriculum and instruction result in the production and creation of new and relevant actions and outcomes because of teaching, learning, and engagement. It provides students with personalized and real-world experiences that permit them to demonstrate their depth of learning as well as their critical thought processes. 


Goal 3: Parent, Community and Alumni Engagement

Engagement with the Revere Community allows for partnerships and insights which elevate the unique educational product and enhances the outcomes for student achievement. Creating the two-way network with critical stakeholders will serve and benefit all students as well as strengthen community ties and reinforce shared expectations.  


Goal 4: Facilities, Finances and Human Resource Stewardship

Being excellent stewards for our community by maximizing systems and resources Revere Local Schools ensures high quality operations. Students and educators excel in healthy, welcoming, well-maintained facilities and the community can take pride in the efforts of the district in carrying out their vision.