• Believe In Yourself                       running boy


    To succeed, we must first believe that we can."  Michael Korda


         Two high school athletes are preparing to compete against each other.  They are the same size and the have about the same athletic abilities.  Everyone assumes it will be an exciting event.

         The first athlete runs out.  He looks confident, and as he waits, he continues to warm up and stretch.  The people nearby can hear him softly muttering to himself.  "I'm ready.  I can do it."

         The second athlete appears.  He slowly shuffles out with his head down, and as he waits, he stands and fidgets with his watch.  Those nearby hear him mutter, "I'm gonna get killed."

         Two athletes, same size, same abilities........ Even before the competition starts, everyone knows who is going to win. 



    Whether you are an athlete preparing for a competition or a student tackling a difficult subject,  it is important that you believe in yourself.  You must recognize the talents and abilities that you possess, and you must know, and believe, that you can succeed. 
Last Modified on July 19, 2012