• locker with boy and girl      Organize Yourself and Your Materials

    • Use an assignment notebook- Record your daily assignments as well as upcoming projects and tests. 
    • Use three-ring notebooks for class notes- work well because they make it easier to insert handouts, and copy of notes.  It is also easier to keep your papers in the correct area by using tabs
    • Keep your locker and backpack neat- Never put loose papers in your locker, your backpack, or folded up in a book.  Always put them in the appropriate folder or notebook as soon as you get them.  Have books and materials organized so that you can quickly and easily find what you need.
    • Get organized before you go to bed- Put completed homework in the appropriate folders, and put everything you need for the next day in the same place each night.  If there is something you need to remember to do in the morning, leave yourself a note so that you won't forget. 
Last Modified on July 19, 2012