• Reducing Test Anxiety           cat taking test

    Following are some tips to help reduce anxiety when taking tests: 
    1. Start studying early.  The night before a test, review the material and get a good nights sleep.  Cramming increases test anxiety.
    2. Mentally practice going through the testing experience.
    3. Act confident.  This may help you to feel more confident.
    4. Five common relaxation techniques that you might want to try:
      1. Take a deep breath, hold it, and then slowly release the breath and the tension.
      2. Start at the top of your head, flexing and then relaxing each part of your body.
      3. Close your eyes and visualize warm sunshine washing over you,  melting away the tension and relaxing all of your muscles.
      4. Close your eyes and let your arms hang down at your sides.  As you relax, visualize the tension from your head, neck, and shoulders flowing down your arms and out through your fingertips.
      5. Think of a place where you feel very relaxed and calm.  Close your eyes and visualize being there. 
Last Modified on July 19, 2012