• ProgressBook
     Please note that the application may be unavailable between the hours of 
    8PM Wednesdays until 6AM Thursdays and throughout the summer months for regularly scheduled maintenance.


    At the beginning of every school year, parents without

    accounts will receive information to create accounts.


    Students can now login to ProgressBook using their Revere Google account.

    Use the Sign in with Google button on the login page:

    Sign in


    If it is after the first two weeks of the school year begining and

    you still do not have a ProgressBook (ParentAccess) account,

    submit an online request for your registration key(s) to

    redeem when you create your new account(s)

    Request ParentAccess Account  

     (Please do not complete request form unless it is past the first two weeks of school)


     Parent User Guide 

    How to Link Students to Existing Parent Account

    Minimum System Requirements  (REVISED 6/14/19)


    Going forward from 2015/16 school year, prior year report cards will be available in ParentAccess. 
    Select menu item Report Cards, select View Paper History (upper right corner of browser window). Select the report card desired. The report card can be saved electronically by selecting "Save as PDF" in your printer command dialogue box.

    Navigate to Manage Students, Select Register New Student and add information, making sure you have a separate parent key for each student.


    Viewing Middle School Current Grading Periods

    Q: Why am I only able to view Trimester 1 for my Middle School student's classes?

    A: The software only allows for one grading period at a time. It defaults to Tri 1 because of all the overlapping grading periods at the middle school (such as Quarters, Semesters, Weeks and Trimesters)

    Select the correct Reporting Period, on the right side of the screen when you select "View all Assignments" or "Grades" to view the desired grading period:


    Exploratory classes run for a shorter time, so they have their own grading periods which fall within or between 2 trimesters.


    ParentAccess Mobile Shortcut
    With a few steps, parents and students can make a ParentAccess App Icon to be placed on their Andriod or iOS devices.
    iOS: Using your browser, navigate to your designated ProgressBook website and successfully log in. At the bottom middle of the screen click paper with up arrow, the pop up menu click add to home screen. You can name the shortcut and click add in the top right corner. The icon is now on your iOS device home screen.
    Android: Using Chrome browser, navigate to your designated ProgressBook website and successfully log in. At the top right of your screen click the 3 dots, menu will pop up, click add to home screen. Enter the shortcut name and click add. The icon is now on your Android device home screen.

    Understanding Weighted Assignments

    When viewing your child's grades for a particular class, it's important to click on the link at the bottom of the list of assignments titled, "View by Assignment Type." Many teachers weigh some assignment types more than others. Clicking this link will show you your child's average for each weighted assignment category.

    If your child is struggling in a particular category, this allows you to see categories of weakness and assist in that area. This is particularly important in middle and high school where weighted categories are used more predominantly.

    Why am I unable to see my child's assignments for
    some classes when I click on the grade for that class?

    When a teacher creates an assignment, he or she must check a box marked
    "Post to the Web," in order for it to be viewable through Parent Access.

    Teachers should be posting grades within a week of an assignment.

    Checking with the teacher is the first step in troubleshooting this issue.

    Still need help with ProgressBook account issues or questions?
    Please contact Laura Bell, Technology Support