Math Contest Results:

    American Mathematics Competition
    Of the 70 Revere students that participated in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), seven Revere students qualified to participate in the 2nd level of the contest (AIME). Those students included: Jacob Emmert-Aronson, Enoch Kuo, Michael Weinstein, Michael Smith, Aaron Quick, Brian Six and Stephanie White. These students then participated in a grueling 3-hour, 15 question math test. On that test, Enoch Kuo and Brian Six were our high scorers.

    On the 10th grade level of the American Mathematics Competition, Tommy Pollard was the top scorer for Revere.

    Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Contest
    Twenty-five Revere students competed in February in the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics competition. Revere placed first in division 3 in the state of Ohio with a team score consisting of scores from Jacob Emmert-Aronson, Enoch Kuo, Brian Six and Michael Smith. This is the eighth year in a row that Revere placed either first, second or third in its division.

    Jacob, Enoch, Brian and Michael continued to compete at the second level of this competition at Capital University on Saturday, March 31st. At this competition, Brian Six was a medalist in the ciphering competition and Michael Smith was part of a team that placed fifth in the state in a team competition. Great job Brian and Michael!!

    Ohio Math League
    Over one hundred Revere students participated in the Ohio Math League this year. Brian Six, a senior, was our top scorer at RHS in this yearlong competition. Jacob Emmert-Aronson was the top junior scorer, Enoch Kuo was the top sophomore scorer and Susie Lee was the top freshman scorer. Revere's team placed first in the county and results are pending as to whether we placed first or second in the state competition!! This is the sixth year in a row that Revere has placed first in the county. This is also the highest that we have ever placed in the state!! Great job math students!!
Last Modified on December 1, 2015