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    Business Foundations
    Business Foundations introduces students to the world of business and helps prepare them for their economic roles as consumer, worker, and citizen.
    Accounting 1
    The principles of a double entry bookkeeping system are taught in this course. Students learn how to journalize, post and prepare financial statements.
    Accounting 2
    The principles and basic skills needed for entry-level jobs as general accounting clerks are taught in this course. Prerequisite: Accounting 1
    Business Law
    Law is an introductory course designed for sophomore, junior, and senior students considering a career in business, criminology, or law. Legal terms, principles and issues are presented, analyzed and applied to contemporary situations.
    Personal Finance
    Personal Finance is a required class for graduation beginning with the Class of 2013. Students will receive instruction in both Consumer Economics and Personal Finance. Students will receive the personal and professional financial skills they need to succeed.
    Personal Technology Applications
    Personal Technology Applications was designed to teach students keyboarding skills. After learning the fundamentals, those skills are practiced in real business formats such as letters, memos, spreadsheets and reports.
    Computer Applications 1
    Computer Applications 1 is designed to teach students how to effectively use the "Office suite" of software efficiently for daily coursework throughout the High School and beyond. This course may be used towards the Computer Literacy requirement for graduation.
    Computer Applications 2
    Computer Applications 2 is for students who are serious about taking their computer skills to a higher level. Students will utilize advanced features of the "Office suite" including Access. Prerequisite: Computer Applications 1 or teacher recommendation.
    Web Page Design
    Web Design introduces students to HTML and other facets of web page development and design. Students take a hands-on approach to learning the intricacies of web pages design and will be faced with various design challenges. Prerequisite: Computer Applications 1 or teacher recommendation.

    Business Foundations
    Business Foundations
    Stock Simulations

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