• Welcome to the Revere Local Schools!

    Registration is Open for All New (KG - 12th) Students for SPRING 2022 & 2022/2023 School Year.



    • Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the completion of the online registration forms.
    • Have the following information ready:
      • phone numbers and email addresses for work and home,
      • student health information,
      • emergency contact information.
    • After completing and submitting the information listed below, select an appointment time to bring all required supporting documents.



    • Begin the process by visiting https://revere-oh.finalforms.com
    • Locate the parent icon and click NEW ACCOUNT, then follow the steps to create your account.
    • Check your email for an ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL from FinalForms, and click on the link in the email to confirm your account.
      NOTE: You will receive an email within a few minutes prompting you to confirm and complete your registration.
      If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you still can not locate the FinalForms email,
      then email support@finalforms.com informing the support team of the issue.
    • Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS to register your children.



    • All Registration Appointments are held at the Administration building, 3496 Everett Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286.
    • Bring required supporting documents to your scheduled registration appointment, including:
      • Student Enrollment Documents
        • Student's Birth Certificate (Original or certified - copies can not be accepted). The office will make copy and return the original to you.
        • Appropriate Identification of Parent/Legal Guardian (e.g. driver's license or State ID card)
        • Last Report Card or Unofficial Transcript from previous school
        • Copies of IEP and MFE, 504 plan, Gifted Scores (if applicable) 
      • Residency Documents (Utility bills are defined as gas, water, electric, trash or current tax bill. Bills must be within the last 3 months.)
        • Homeowner: Two (2) current utility bills
        • Renting: Your current SIGNED lease and one (1) current utility bill
        • Living with parent/relative/friend: Residency Affidavit Section B; Residency Affidavit Section C; and two (2) current utility bills in homeowner's name.
        • If you are building a home in the district or in the process of purchasing a home, Complete Section A and submit along with a signed Purchase/Building Agreement with move-in date stated or occupancy date AND a sworn statement by the parent stating that the parent's intention is to reside there upon its completion. Two utility bills are due within (2) weeks of residing in the home. Discuss grace period/tuition for this situation.
      • Custody Documents (Needed in cases of divorce, legal separation of parents, shared parenting, foster parents, legal custodians or guardians, cases involving social workers, or any other custody arrangement not listed.)
        • Notarized Custody Form; AND
        • Entire Document of Journal Entry - Original, Certified, Time-Stamped Court Order or Divorce Decree indicating custody; OR
          A Time-stamped notice of the Application for Appointment of Guardianship from Probate Court (only valid for 60 calendar days)
        • A letter from a lawyer or notarized letter from parent or current guardian is not acceptable documentation.
      • Medical Forms
        • Immunization Records (school must have on file prior to the first date of attendance)
        • Physician's Report (must have on file within 30 days of starting school)
        • Dentist Report (must have on file within 30 days of starting school)





    Revere operates a half-day Kindergarten program for all students. Revere hosts a Full Day Kindergarten, tuition-based option. Parents interested in this program should bring the signed Tuition Agreement to the Registration Appointment or submit to Christine Thomas, Registrar.

    If you are registering for PRESCHOOL, please contact Alyssa Kochilla (330) 523-3123 or email: akochilla@revereschools.org

    For questions about KG-12th Grade Registration, please contact:
    Christine Thomas (cthomas@revereschools.org, 330-523-3121)