Syllabus- Spanish II at RHS

  • Syllabus:

    Preliminary Unit- Florida

    • Saying who you are, personality characteristics, daily activities and food, places in school and around town, saying how you feel, daily routine, and making plans.
    • Describing people, talking about likes and dislikes, saying where you and your friends go, describing people and how they feel, talking about what people do, and about making plans.

    Unit 1- Costa Rica

    • Discussing travel preparations, talking about things you do at an airport, and asking how to get around town.
    • Saying where you went and what you did on vacation, asking information questions, and talking about buying gifts and souvenirs.

    Unit 2- Argentina

    • Talking about sporting events and athletess, discussing ways to stay healthy, pointing out specific people ad things, and retelling events from the past.
    • Discussing your daily routine, clarifying the sequence of events, and saying what you and others are doing right noow or intend to do.

    Unit 3- Puerto Rico

    • Talking about clothing, shopping and personal needs, saying whom things are for, and expressing opinions.
    • Describing past activities and events, asking for and talking about items at a marketplace, and expressing yourself courteously.

    Unit 4- Mexico

    • Describing continuing activities in the past, narrating past events and activities, describing people, places and things.



Last Modified on September 12, 2019