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    October 12, 2020


    Dear 5th Grade Parents,

    Each year at this time a new group of students eagerly await their turn to join our instrumental music program at Revere Local Schools.  The study of music can be one of the most valuable steps in your child’s education.  Some of the benefits your child can receive from band are: responsibility, self-esteem, strong work ethic and above all an enjoyment and lifelong appreciation of music.  We are convinced that any child willing to put in a reasonable amount of effort can succeed.


    This year the registration process for beginning band is different due to COVID. To avoid large gatherings at meetings, we will present an introduction video to all 5th grade students in their classrooms and you will find links on the Bath Elementary School website for instrument demonstrations so you and your child can select the instrument they would most like to learn this school year. Unfortunately, you will have to visit the actual music store if you would like to play the instrument prior to leasing instead of them coming to Revere. You can fill out leasing forms at the store or on their website. We recommend leasing an instrument.


    A lot of responsibility is put on your shoulders to get the needed materials and forms filled out prior to having you child start their band lessons. In the past we were able to provide this all at one time. I do apologies for the inconvenience but it will be worth the effort to get your child in the band program. Once I have the needed forms, I will be able to communicate to you in a more direct manner and help you through the process and build the schedule. Band lessons are prior to the school day (7:45-8:30) at Bath Elementary. Students can follow the middle school bus schedule and then be shuttled to Bath any morning they have band lessons.


    We are about to organize our beginning band classes for the year.  I have broken down the starting process into a few steps: 


    STEP ONE:         The first step is an introduction video to be viewed at school by the 5th graders on Friday, October 16th.


    STEP TWO:         Visit the Bath Elementary School Website for band instrument selection videos and registration forms. (under parents and students, 5th grade band). Please fill out the registration form so I will have contact information and able to build the schedule.

    Fill out registration form and have child join google classroom with the link and their school email.


    STEP THREE:     Visit Central Instrument Company in Cuyahoga Falls - You can “rent to own” or refurbish a previously owned instrument.  You can also visit the website CICmusic.com. This music store services our school and will deliver items to Bath Elementary directly.


    STEP FOUR        November 9th, Band lessons begin.  Each student will receive small group lesson. I will email you the schedule by November 5th. Student will be allowed to ride the early middle school bus on their lesson days if they need to be at school before the elementary bus would have them to school.    


    Each child should have the chance to learn and participate in instrumental music, to understand it, and to appreciate it.  Our school considers it an honor for your son or daughter to be part of the band.  Please call me if you have any questions about the beginning band program.                   




    Do not purchase an instrument from a discount store (big box) or online, please go to a licensed music store vendor.  We have set up leasing arrangements with Central Instrument Company.  CIC is informed of what Revere students need for beginning band.  They will hold your child’s instrument, book and supplies for delivery by Novemebr 5th. You may go to other music stores in the area (North Royalton/Brecksville) take this information with so they know what you need.




    You may purchase your book from any music store or online.  This year the band will be using “Essential Elements 2000” Bk #1.  You may order it at the time of your lease or purchase one at CIC. Make sure to inform them of the instrument you are playing.




    You may order extra supplies.  Your child will go through a number of reeds at first.  You should purchase 2.5 strength reeds for either alto saxophone or clarinet.


    Brass instruments will need valve/slide oil, and slide grease.  They will most likely lose the first bottle, so you may want to purchase two and hold on to one at home.


    Music stands are not required but it is best to have one at home so that your child can practice with good posture at all times.


    Cleaning kits are nice, but not required.  Clarinets and alto saxophones will need a cleaning swab and flutes need a cleaning rod and handkerchief.





    Due COVID regulations: students will be scheduled in small groups to allow social distancing, student will be required to wear masks anytime they are not playing. For brass instruments, we will have covers for the bells. You can purchase masks with slips in them for the mouthpiece. We will have hand sanitize for students to clean hands at the end of lessons prior to going to class. 


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