• Multi-Media Weekly Schedule


    Mon Sept 15          Workday cups

    Tues Sept 16         Workday cups

                                 Introduce metals

                                          Demo cutting with jeweler’s saw

                                          Have students practice cutting metal

    Wed Sept 17          Workday cups

                                 Talk about glazed faces

                                 Design day for metals

                                          Students must complete 4 designs

    Thurs Sept 18        Begin to glaze plates

                                 Workday metal

    Fri Sept 19            Glaze plates

                                 Glue design to metal

                                 Let dry overnight

              Mon Sept 22          Glaze plates & cups

                                          Saw metal

              Tues Sept 23         Demo how to file

                                          File all edges

              Wed Sept 24          Filing

    Thurs Sept 25        Filing

    Fri Sept 26            Demo how to sand

                                          Each piece of metal will be sanded with 3 levels

                                          Glazed cups and plates due today     

    Mon Sept 29          Workday metals

    Tues Sept 30         Workday metals

    Wed Oct 1            Workday metals

    Thurs Oct 2          Workday metals

    Fri Oct 3              Workday metals







Last Modified on September 18, 2014