7th Grade Art

  • Course Description

    In 7th Grade Art, students begin to study in-depth how to use the Elements of Arts in their artwork. Students focus on the Principles of Art and how to incorporate the elements (line, shape, space, form, color, value, and texture) to create a certain effect or idea in their artwork. This course of study better prepares students for 8th grade and high school art courses, while helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Self-reflection is an important aspect at the end of each project so that students can continue to improve their work. 


    All content covered during the course focuses on the State of Ohio Visual Art Standards for grade 7. Incorporating these standards allows students to continually develop skills in perceiving, creating, and responding to artwork. Students begin to examine and discuss various genres of artwork to understand what influences artists and how they can use artistic styles to inspire their own work. For more information on the Ohio Visual Art Standards, follow the link below:



    We complete 6-7 art projects during the 9-week rotation, which allows students to experiment in various media such as paint, colored pencil, printmaking, paper collage, and clay. 

    Supplies Needed:

    7th Grade students should have a pencil with an eraser every day in class. Students create art folders on the first day of class that they also need to have each day.


    Students may bring in boxes of tissues or Clorox wipes for 5 extra credit points (limit 2 items per student). 

Last Modified on August 3, 2017