VEX Robotics

  • (2 Semesters, 1 Year) - Students learn about tools, materials, fasteners, sensors, coding and the excitement and motivation associated with competition and real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  Students are divided into teams of 4 max and are required to design, build, code, test, evaluate and compete with a VEX Robot at several VEX Robotics Competitions.  Teams will also be required to create and maintain an engineering notebook, obtain sponsorship, complete 1 online VEX Robotics Challenge and participate in a class designed STEM outreach program (such as visit other schools in the district and give robotics demonstrations).  At the conclusion of the class, students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships through the REC Foundation.  Students may take the class year after year as the VEX Robotics Competition changes every year. The curriculum is very challenging and VEX Robotic Competitions are very competitive!  Students are required to work collaboratively with their teams and must be highly motivated in order to accomplish the classes’ goals and objectives.


    Prerequisite/Student Readiness Consideration:  Robotics assumes a student has successfully completed ALGEBRA I and GEOMETRY or is concurrently enrolled in the course.  Successful completion of DRAFTING & DESIGN is RECOMMENDED, however no prior experience is required.


    VEX EDR Curriculum

    VEX Robotics Competition

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