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  • * We recommend all participants join our REMIND group for the 2021 season. We will send you any updates as we receive them from BMBW. To join our Remind Group, please visit http://rmd.at/2021revere



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    December 2, 2020

    Greetings from the Revere Ski & Snowboard Club!

    First and foremost, thank you for your continued patience.  The club advisors have done our best to get information to you as soon as we receive updates from Boston Mills/Brandywine. We apologize for the length of this letter, but we are firm believers in being as transparent as possible with you.

    The School Club program at BM/BW was established to help introduce people to the wonderful sports of skiing and snowboarding by offering lessons at a reduced price.  Many of you have already advanced through the lessons and have since become very competent at your desired sport. Way to go!

    Traditionally, Revere students have made up well over 300 club members. Each week, it gave us a sense of pride to see so many of our students participating in the program.  In fact, there were only two other districts with as many students as we had on Saturday mornings at Boston Mills.

    This year due to COVID-19, Vail Properties (the new parent company of BM/BW) has not only adjusted the days & times for clubs to meet, but they have also dictated that club sizes must be smaller in order to keep patrons and staff as safely distanced as possible.  For the 2020-21 Season, the Revere Ski & Snowboard Club has been capped at 70 people.

    We have also been informed that the only people permitted in the lodges will be actual skiers & snowboarders who have reservations at that time.  This means that parents & guardians will not be permitted inside unless they happen to have made reservations using their Season passes. (Yeah, we weren’t too happy about that either.)

    Thirdly, students will be required to check in with the club advisors each week (to receive the passes) AND also check out at the end of our session (to return the passes). 

    Finally, while we were able to keep our location at Boston Mills, and also keep Saturday as our day, we were not allowed to keep our traditional morning time.  All Saturday morning slots have been given over to Season Pass holders making reservations.  Our new time has been changed to 3:00PM - 7:00PM on Saturdays at Boston Mills.

    With all of these restrictions being placed on the school clubs, we agonized whether or not to even have the Revere Ski & Snowboard Club this year.  In the end, we decided we would do the best we could to continue introducing Revere students to the sports of skiing and snowboarding.

    Having said all of this, the following will be in place for the 2020-21 season:

    • Students must currently be in at least 4th grade or higher in Revere Local Schools. (Without parents being admitted inside the lodges, it is just too difficult to supervise our younger students as safely as we would like.)

    • To fairly accept requests for memberships on a first come, first served basis, a single Google Form will need to be completed per student.  A REMIND announcement will be sent with a link to the sign-up form at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, December 4th.  Once the cap (70 people) has been reached, all future requests will be put on a “wait list” in case of any cancellations.  We will then send waivers for parent signature with payment instructions. If the cap is not met, the Vail Resorts deadline would then apply on Friday December 18th!

    • Members must be signed up for lessons.

    NOTE: If our cap of 70 members has not been reached, we will open the club to others who might be interested in joining us. If you have already purchased a Season Pass, there is an additional $95 fee to include lessons.

    To reiterate:

    Saturdays @ Boston Mills from 3PM to 7PM beginning 1/9/2021

    Cost is $220 (includes guaranteed reserved time for access of slopes, rental equipment, and lessons)

    5 weeks of group lessons (After our 5th week on 2/6, your pass will expire at 7PM. There are no longer Value Passes available as in years past.)

    70 members maximum (as dictated by Vail Properties)

    Only participants will be allowed in the lodge, so we anticipate this being a substantial issue for parents of younger/beginner skiers and snowboarders.


    Refund Policy from Vail Resorts:

    CLUB Refund Policy: 
    • If you have to cancel the club (as a whole) for the season (due to school orders/covid restrictions); your members will receive a full refund for any unused portion of the program. 
    • If the resorts were mandated to close or instructed to discontinue the program; your members will receive a full refund for any unused portion of the program. 
    *If the club comes out once or twice- prior to the club's cancellation/resort closure- your members would receive a prorated refund for those couple of visits. 

    INDIVIDUAL Refund Policy:

    • If a member were to become injured or ill and was medically unable to participate in the program this year, WITH a doctor's note, we can issue them a refund for any unused portion of the program. 
    *Other than medical injuries/illnesses there are no individual refunds/make ups offered.  



    We suspect some of you may be unhappy with some (or all) of this.  Please realize that much of this was dictated leaving us to decide how best to tailor it to the Revere Ski & Snowboard Club. We have done the best we could, all things being considered.   If you still have questions, please feel free to contact any of us below and we will try to provide you with answers. Keep your eyes & ears open for the REMIND announcement!




    John Faust (jfaust@revereschools.org)

    Ann Dietz (adietz@revereschools.org)

    Ryan Lekan (rlekan@revereschools.org)