• We recommend all participants to take advantage of the REMIND service, we will send you occasional reminders, and any changes that might occur.  Especially if these changes are last minute!  Generally, if BMBW is open, we will meet. To join our Remind Group, please visit https://www.remind.com/join/rskiboard.  


    ** At this time we have little information on what our club will look like for the 2021 Season.  We were told the new owner's of BMBW will have more information around mid-October. As soon as we hear more details, we will send out a Remind alert with the details.**

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    The information below is from the 2019 Season.  We will update this information as soon as we hear from the new owners of BMBW.



    Revere Schools 2019-2020 Ski and Snowboard Club Information 


      What is the program and how does it work?

    Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort offers students aged 8-18 a season long package that includes a lift ticket, rental equipment and five (5) group lessons. Sessions are four hours long and consist of a lesson with the remainder of the session open to free skiing/snowboarding.


    Each club member also receives a “Club Card” which entitles him/her to four (4) $10 lift tickets good at Boston Mills, Brandywine, Polar Blast, and Alpine Valley during times other than the regularly scheduled school session. (These are perfect for “snow days”!)

    *The four "Value Passes" you receive with your club membership are $10.00 each.  This is the cost you will pay for a lift ticket each of the four times you use the pass.


    After the five weeks of lessons as an organized club are complete, members can ski or ride using their Club Cards at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley on the club’s designated day only. Your Club Card will still only be active during the club’s selected day. However it will be valid ALL DAY, the four hour time slot restriction will be removed.

    *This will NOT include any of our Late Night sessions. You will have to pay the $10.00 upgrade fee to ski or ride during our Late Night sessions. (Or use a Value Pass)


    NOTE:  BMBW will administer an administration fee of $10.00 to each "Value Pass" for all registrations received January 11, 2020 and after.  A $10.00 administration fee to each "Value Pass" will also be added by BMBW for any changes made to a Club registration on or after November 23, 2019. (This includes switching from "renter" to "owner" as well as changing from "skier" to "snowboarder".) A snowboarder who wishes to switch to skier status may be permitted to do so as long as the change is made prior to the second lesson.


    What is the cost?

    Per Boston Mills/Brandywine, club memberships are available ONLY for students aged 8 – 18.  (Students must be 8 years old by January 1, 2020 in order to participate.  No exceptions.)  All registrations are done on-line and are paid by credit card.


    2019-2020 Pricing


    $223.05 (includes tax)


    The pricing is simple, all members will pay the above price, which includes rental, even if you own equipment.

    All season passholders may now join our club at no additional charge, and will receive 5 lessons (must meet the 8-18 age requirement).


    Important Dates:


    October 1, 2019- the online shopping cart goes LIVE for members to begin registering for your club

    October 11-13, 2019- Boston Mills/Brandywine Open House at Boston Mills

    *Come visit and check out our AMAZING equipment swap!

    November 22, 2019- 1st club member registration deadline (for those members wishing to receive their Club Cards prior to holiday break-so they can use their value passes)

    *November 23, 2019- (through the end of the season)- A $10.00 Administrative Fee will be added to each of the Value Passes for any and all changes made to a club registration from this date forward

    December 20, 2019- 2nd ONLINE registration deadline.  ONLINE registration will close at midnight.  From 12/21 and beyond, please contact an advisor for an offline (paper) sign-up form.

    ****January 4, 2020- CLUB PROGRAM BEGINS****

    January 11, 2020 - Administration fees applied to all club registrations received from this date forward (Value Passes go up to $20.00 each)




    Building Level Club Advisors:

    Richfield/RHS: Ann Dietz  |  adietz@revereschools.org  |  330-523-3110

    Bath: John Faust: jfaust@revereschools.org  |  330-666-4155, x 633908

    RMS: Ryan Lekan: rlekan@revereschools.org  |  330-523-3413


    What should I do after I sign-up?

    You will need to listen to school announcements each Friday to hear whether or not we are meeting on Saturday.  After the first week, you can contact Boston Mills at 800-U-SKI-241, 330-657-2334, or 330-467-2242, or visit their website http://www.bmbw.com


    We recommend all participants to take advantage of our REMIND service, we will send you occasional reminders, and any changes that might occur.  Especially if these changes are last minute!  Generally, if BMBW is open, we will meet. To join our Remind Group, please visit https://www.remind.com/join/rskiboard.  


    For the first week of Ski & Snowboard Club, you will need to be at Boston Mills by 8:15AM. Come into the Lodge and look for you advisors adjacent to the cafeteria. There will be a brief “meeting” to review a few instructions that we have been asked to share.  Lines for rental equipment will form shortly thereafter. Lessons will begin promptly at 9:00AM.  After the first week, the check-in time will be 8:30-8:45 AM. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

    **NOTE:  All clubs will meet for 5 sessions.  After the last session, each participant will be able to use his/her "Club Card" to ski any time/all day on Saturdays for the rest of the ski season. If the weather does not allow for us to meet, we will make up the session for a total of 5 for the season.



    (or “5 Easy Ways to Stay on the Advisors' Good Side”)


    1. Please arrive on time. We ski and snowboard at Boston Mills on Saturdays 9:00AM – 1:00PM. As soon as you check-in with the advisors and have your equipment, you should report to the lesson corral to receive your lesson. Be sure to look for the signs showing you where to line-up.  Lessons will begin at 9:00AM. In order to be ready to go, you should plan to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45.


    **NOTE: It is critical that you check-in each week with your advisors. Our attendance determines the number of instructors available to us for lessons.


    2. Ski or snowboard only in the areas for which you are qualified. (The color of your sticker given by the instructor will tell you where you are permitted to be.) All school club members must receive a sticker during their first week of club lessons. Anyone with a Ski School "Club Card" must take a lesson each week. We all think we are better skiers & snowboarders than we actually are. If you are in an area where you could cause an injury to yourself or others, Ski Patrol may ask you to move. Please do not argue with them. They are trying to keep you and others safe.


    3. YOU are responsible for your belongings. Please do not leave anything lying around because it may get stolen or end up in Lost & Found. This includes leaving things on the dining tables, too. Lockers are available for $1.00. (The token machine does not accept quarters, so you will need to bring a $1 bill in order for it to work.)


    4. Keeping your “Club Card” is your responsibility.  Each club member is given a permanent “Club Card” for the season, which serves as his/her admission onto the snow.  It is used to get rental equipment, if the package includes it. “Club Cards” are valid only for the 4-hour session and designated day for which your club is assigned (Saturdays 9AM-1PM). Lost “Club Cards” are replaced very rarely (and never after the fifth week).  If a “Club Card” is replaced, the club member will be charged a $25 replacement fee and an advisor must be present.


    Each participant’s “Club Card” must be validated with a colored sticker indicating the participant’s ability level. The stickers are color-coded to correspond with the relative difficulty of each slope at Boston Mills and Brandywine. The club sticker program is used for teaching and assessment purposes.  Remember, you may not let anyone use your “Club Card” or the equipment obtained with your “Club Card”. Any misuse, including sticker tampering, will result in loss of privileges. Club members will be assessed a fee if on the slopes without a “Club Card”.


    5. You need to be off the hills at 1:00PM so that your parents are able to pick up promptly by 1:15 PM. The advisors will leave no later than 1:30PM.  Again, be sure to check-out with your club advisor.


    We are looking forward to a great season!  Remember:  Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!

    For more general club information, please visit the Boston Mills/Brandywine link below.  


    Boston Mills/Brandywine General Club Information