Strategies for learning a foreign language

  • Study Hints for Language Students


    Learning a foreign language, no matter which one you pick, is HARD WORK.  There is no easy language.  All languages require commitment on the part of the student.  Here are some things you will have to do in order to do your best in your language studies.



    Memorization is the main task in learning a foreign language.  You must memorize the vocabulary and the rules of grammar until you master them.


    •          Constant review is important.  Study a little each day rather than trying to cram the night before a quiz or a test.
    •          Memorize short phrases or sentences.  Some words are better learned together.
    •          Fold your vocabulary sheet to hide the answers and practice.  First try to figure out what the new words mean and then try to remember how to say the English words in                Spanish.
    •          Make flashcards with vocabulary words and verb endings especially for irregular verbs and ALWAYS STUDY ONLY SEVEN NEW ONES AT A TIME.
    •          Recopy new vocabulary words several times- practice spelling.
    •          Review material from past lessons.
    •          Keep and review old homework.



    Homework is important because it reinforces material learned in class. 


    •          Complete assignments on time.
    •          Attempt to answer every question.   Do not leave blanks.
    •          Correct all assignments and learn from your mistakes
    •          Keep a list of common mistakes you seem to be making over and over and use the list when doing new assignments to avoid repeating the errors.


    Oral Skills:

    Your goal is to learn to speak Spanish.  Oral practice is essential for proficiency.


    •          Say vocabulary out loud until it is easy to pronounce.
    •          Practice with a partner-someone from class, a parent or sibling, or an advanced speaker.
    •          Put words or sentences on tape and listen to yourself.
    •          In class, do not tune out just because another student has been called on.  Try to figure out the answer.


    What parents can do to help:

    Although parents may not know Spanish, they can still help you succeed in class.

    * Have a parent help you practice with the vocabulary sheet I gave you or flashcards you made.
    * Spell your vocabulary words out loud to the parent using your vocabulary sheet.



Last Modified on September 21, 2016