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    Dear Fourth Grade Parents and Guardians:


    Soon, your child will receive his/her recorder in music class along with a packet of music and a folder for the music.  This is not a toy, but a real musical instrument!

    The students are very excited for the unit to begin!

    The recorder is an important part of the fourth grade music curriculum and will be played during the 4th grade concert on April 3rd 2014 (MARK YOUR CALENDAR!) Students are expected to take their instruments home to practice and share with you what they are learning.


    1. The recorders are to be played in two places ONLY: the music classroom

    and at home.

    2. Practice at home is necessary for skill development. However, even 5 to 10 minutes several times per week will help your child’s skills grow!

    3. Students are expected to bring their instrument and folder to every music class.

    In class participation, playing in small groups and individually determine each

    students music grade.


    Practice Reminders for Recorder Students

    Here are some things to keep in mind while practicing outside of class:

    1. Blow very gently. Easy does it!

    2. "Tongue" very lightly. (Start each tone with a light tongue motion,

    as if saying the word "do.")

    3. Write in the fingerings and note names (in pencil) in your book only if you need to. Check your fingering often, especially when you get squeaks.

     Make sure all holes are covered completely, especially the back thumb hole.

    4. When you are not sure of how a song or exercise in your book is supposed to

    sound, do these things first:

    a. speak and clap rhythms

    b. sing or speak letter names of notes in rhythm

    c. sing or speak letter names while fingering notes

    d. sing on "doo" (tonguing practice) while fingering

    5.  Practice at least 5-10 minutes each day, at least 5-6 days a week. DO NOT SKIP PRACTICING FOR SEVERAL DAYS AND THEN TRY TO GET “CAUGHT UP”



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