• Ceramics Weekly Schedule

    Mon Sept 10               Raise up cylinders

    Work on outside of cylinders

                                                    Stress texture

                Tues Sept 11               Work on outside of cylinders                        

                Wed Sept 12               Work on outside of cylinders                        

                Thurs Sept 13              Work on outside of cylinders

                                         Have students find their stamps

                                         Create a textured plate using their stamps    

                Fri Sept 14                  Work on outside of cylinders

                                        Finish plates


                Mon Sept 17               Work on story pots

                                                    Fire Plates      

    Tues Sept 18               Work on story pots

                                        Give glaze lecture

                                        Students may begin to glaze their plates                   

    Wed Sept 19               Work on story pots

                                                    Glaze plates

    Thurs Sept 20              Work on story pots

                                        Glaze plates

    Fri Sept 21                  Work on story pots

                                        Glaze plates


    Mon Sept 24               Story pots due at end of class today


                Tues Sept 25               Talk about glazed plates

                                                    Begin to glaze pinch pots

                Wed Sept 26               Glaze pinch pots

                Thurs Sept 27              Glaze pinch pots

                                                    Begin to glaze story pots


    Fri Sept 28                  Introduce coil pots

                                                    Do a small pot together

                                                    Demo a template


    Mon Sept 29               Finish small coil pots

                                        Glaze story pots


    Tues Sept 30               Design your template

                                        Work on pattern for glaze on coil pots

                                                    Glaze pinch pots


    Wed Oct 1                  Workday for designs of coil pots



    Thurs Oct 2                 Demo how to make the base

                                                    Make the base


                Fri Oct 3                      Workday coil pot

                                                    Glaze story pots



Last Modified on September 18, 2014