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Parent Notification of Scholarship Programs for Students with Disabilities


Your child may be eligible for a scholarship under the Autism Scholarship Program or the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program to attend a special education program that implements the child's individualized education program and that is operated by an alternative public provider or by a registered private provider.


Information on scholarship programs is available from the Ohio Department of

Education (ODE) web site at www.education.ohio.gov.

·         For information on the Autism Scholarship Program, search Autism Scholarship Program

·         For information on the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program, search Jon Peterson Scholarship.


For additional information or questions on these scholarship programs, contact:

Office of Nonpublic Educational Options

(614) 466-5743

Toll-free: (877) 644-6338

email: autismscholarship@education.ohio.gov

email: peterson.scholarship@education.ohio.gov

Last Modified on September 24, 2012
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