Mr. Silvestri
    Welcome to Mr. Silvestri's TECHNOLOGY/STEM Education page.  Listed to the left, are the classes I offer and their content.  Feel free to browse through each class and see what the students are learning and how they are applying their knowledge and skills towards real world solutions. 

    Technology Program

    • Graphic Design - ILLUSTRATOR (1 Semester)
    • Graphic Design - PHOTOSHOP (1 Semester)


    • Drafting & Design (1 Semester)
    • Robotics (2 Semesters, 1 Year)


    • CODING-Learn to Code (1 Semester)
    • Intro to App Development (1 Semester)




    PLTW Program

    • All classes are on the Honors Track, worth a 4.5 "A"
    • All classes are 2 Semesters, 1 Year


    Foundation Classes

    • IED Introduction to Engineering Design (curriculum written for 9th grade)
    • POE Principles of Engineering (curriculum written for 10th grade)


    Specialty Classes

    • CEA Civil Engineering/Architecture (curriculum written for 11th grade)
      • Classes that may be offered in the future
        • CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing (curriculum written for 11th grade)
        • DE Digital Electronics (curriculum written for 11th grade)
        • CSP Computer Science Principles (curriculum written for 11th grade)
        • AE Aeronautical Engineering (curriculum written for 11th grade)
        • Enviornmental Sustainability (curriculum written for 11th grade)


    Capstone Class

    • EDD Engineering Design & Development (curriculum written for 12th grade)



    Opportunities through PLTW (https://www.pltw.org)

    PLTW students have exclusive access to a variety of recognition opportunities including scholarships, preferred admission at colleges and universities, internships, industry connections, and other avenues to highlight their achievements.  

    • College/university opportunities: Colleges and universities across the U.S. recognize and reward PLTW students for their great work. These postsecondary institutions recognize PLTW students with scholarships, admissions preference, course credit, and more. Learn More
    • STEM Premier: PLTW students receive complimentary access to this online social platform, which empowers them to build out their personal STEM profile, showcase their knowledge and skills, and seek out opportunities. Learn More
    • AP + PLTW: AP + PLTW gives students the opportunity to earn a credential that showcases their readiness for college and career, and demonstrates their STEM skills and interests to colleges and employers. The program will also provide students with special access to career-oriented opportunities like internships and scholarships. Learn More
    • Student organizations: PLTW partners with a number of student organizations to deepen and reinforce student learning through activities and events:
    • Career opportunities: Across the country, leading companies are seeking out PLTW students for career-focused opportunities including mock interviews, resume evaluations, and internships.

Last Modified on January 10, 2020